The Internet Is A Divine Tool

I believe the Internet is an amazing tool that can help us understand that we are all divinely connected. The Internet can connect us all. We all see how it works. We see how technology can do it. This is the first step. The next step is realizing you can do this same thing (connect with everything) within yourself.

Everything we need to be divinely connected to all is available to each of us in every moment. (tweetable)

To make this a reality in our worlds we need to get rid of the blocks we have to love’s presence: or the presence of the divine. I like to think of it this way. It is like the sun – it is always there. However, some days it looks like cloudy outside. Or it rains. Or there is snow. But if you get in a plane and fly above the clouds you see the sun never went away. So, it is with love. It is always there. We may not perceive that it is there because we have placed things in front of us that literally “cloud” our vision. I have found we need each other to help us clear the way. Clear our sight. We need each other for support and guidance. The course shows us how to do this and for me personally it has been life altering and deeply profound. And so, I feel called to share it.  And what better way, than the internet.

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