Signs – Three Short Stories of How The Universe Talks To Me.


Has this happened to you? Signs, signs! I love signs from the universe. It is one way we can have a conversation with the Divine.

I thought I would mention that last Sunday I was listening to an audio book by Laura Lynn Jackson – a psychic medium who said she used to ask the universe to show her a monarch butterfly to answer a question. Then she thought that was too easy, so she started to ask to see an aardvark, anteater, or armadillo. I was driving in my car listening to the audio book and I said out loud, “No way an aardvark!” in disbelief. Anyways, the universe has a wonderful sense of humour and one hour later I was at the White Spot drive in restaurant, and we were splitting a vanilla milk shake (among other things) between my mom, my sister and myself. So, there was one big milk shake and three straws and on the paper covering each of the straws it said in big bold letters – AARDVARK! I just laughed out loud. I was in disbelief and within one hour the universe showed me: AARDVARK!

Never underestimate the power of the universe to speak with you, support you and answer your questions. If this happens to you, please share your stories here. It is just so life affirming.

Here’s another short example:


I was posting about signs a week or so ago – and thought I would retell another one. The same day the universe delivered the aardvark sign when I thought it was impossible – I noticed the clock said 1:11.

The next time I looked it said 2:22.

The next time, 3:33.

And then on my drive home my car clock said 4:44. I said out loud well, I bet you can’t show me 5:55 because I will be putting away my phone and not looking at clocks when I get home.

About 10 seconds later, driving on the highway, I was approaching a large electronic road sign. It said, “report fires – dial 555!”

I love how quickly the universe responses. I can just hear it laughing at me and I am laughing right back.

And finally, my most impressive sign of the summer of 2022. 


 Lately I have been occasionally writing about signs from the universe in this Facebook group. So, here is another way the universe can send you a sign and talk to you.

On the weekend, I was at a local beach with a friend. There was a young mom with a little boy who looked to be about three years old. He was running all over the place and of course, his mom was chasing after him – telling him not to put things in his mouth. Suddenly he rushed past me to join his mom who was now walking away. He then abruptly stopped in his tracks turned around and ran back to stand directly in front of me. He put out his hand and dropped a plastic toy Jaquar at my feet. Then ran away. He was so deliberate in his action. Surprised, I called after him. Is that Jaquar for me? He turned back and said “yes” and hurried off. It was alarming. A child who I had never met just gave me a stranger a toy Jaquar. I was shocked, but I recognized it immediately as a sign from the universe. Jaquar and black panther have both figured prominently in my spirit animals. When I got home I read the Jaguar animal card from the Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power through the Ways of Animals by Jamie Sams and David Carson. (Thank you Donna Jacobs for sending these cards into my life!) The Jaquar is about integrity and walking with impeccability through life. When I read the message of the cards, I knew exactly what the universe was saying to me. It was acknowledging how I had walked through a recent situation and it was giving me encouragement to keep going. So amazing, helpful and reassuring. The universe knows what we need. It finds a way to talk to us if we are willing to receive and then follow up. And to think in this situation, it was a child who I did not even know me who delivered the sign. The Universe works and speaks in thoughtful and amazing ways. What is being laid down at your feet today – which by the way, is the opening of The Lions Gate: 8-8! It is a magical day so get out there and let the healing rays penetrate your being.

Blessings to all!
Reverend Diane C. Lund

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