“Peace is the state where love abides and seeks to share itself.”

~ T,23, I, 12:5



About Reverend Diane Lund

DI’s Divine Journey

A Course in Miracles came into my possession in the early 80’s through a friend. A friend had given it to her, and she thought I might like it, since I like spiritual things. I was intrigued. I got the book opened it up and could not believe what I saw.

The Book Was Difficult

It looked like the bible with all those onion paper-thin pages. And the language – oh my – I felt like I was reading Greek. It just made no sense to me. In addition, there were so many references to Jesus and God. I thought I had walked away from the church long ago. I wasn’t amused. So…I put the book down. Closed it firmly and put it on the shelf where it remained untouched for years.

A Personal Crisis Brought Me To My Knees

I was praying for guidance and assistance because I felt unfairly treated. I heard an inner voice that told me to look up. I saw the book A Course in Miracles on the shelf where it had sat for years unopened. The inner directive said to take it down. I repeated my prayer: “Please God help me.” Then I randomly opened the book and read the section – YOU CAN NOT BE UNFAIRLY TREATED. What? I felt the course was talking directly to me. However, I did not understand a word it was saying. Immediately, I knew I couldn’t do this alone. I signed up for A Course in Miracles study group not far from home where they read the text course out loud.

The Education Begins

Attending my first study group I thought, “This really is difficult. I can’t understand a word.” But my fellow group members urged me to stay. They said, it was a common experience, and I should not try to understand the text. Just listen. Let the words go in and connect inside. It sounded strange. But I am happy to report, they were right.

One day after listening to person after person read the text, going around in the group, suddenly the words spoke to me. Not all the words. Not all the time. But there were passages and messages that seem to “ring true”. Like a bell deep within my being had been rung and my whole body was resonating with the vibrations of truth.

It was enough to keep me going. Eventually my teachers left, and I started my own group in my home. None of us in my home study group thought of ourselves as teachers. We were all students, teachers, and seekers. I remained a spiritual seeker for a long time and then I had a dream.

The Search Is Over

In the dream I was shown my life as a book.

It began with:

When I turned a page, it said:
I turned yet another page it said:

After that I knew A Course in Miracles was my true spiritual path. No matter how many questions I had, A Course in Miracles spiritual philosophy met and answered them.

The search was over, time to apply the learning. Since, then I have: continued my study groups, written three best-selling books about miracles, developed eight inspirational card decks, created a podcast called Miracles and Wonders, developed a website dianelundmiracles.com, became a Reverend specialized in

A Course in Miracles and finally when Covid hit I took my study group online. It had been a dream of mine to move my study group online as many people could not attend because they lived too far away.

This membership website is part of “Part II: The Application”. I envision this membership website as a way to bring all the many pieces together in one convenient place where people can access all the materials. Now my dream is not do it alone.

Dreams of me to we – Become A Miracles and Wonders Partner

It is my deep desire that others will join me in this website as Miracles and Wonders partners. I believe in the coming decades we are meant to go from a singular focus to a connected focus. We are to deeply acknowledge that we are not individuals who are separated from each other – we are all connected and whatever we do does affect the whole. It is time to move from a “me-focus” to a “we-focus”. Together, we are stronger and we can shine brighter as we build a spiritual community that honours the whole – the holy aspects of ourselves!