#1 at the Entrepreneur Rocket Fuel Summit #14!

Wow! Our fearless leader, Diane Lund ranked #1 at the Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel Summit #14. Excellent news. The miracle is that the talk she gave at the Summit will go out to 250,000 people. That is the prize for being #1 on the dashboard. So, if you came to the talk or registered for it. THANK YOU. YOU HELPED A MIRACLE COME TRUE. If you missed the talk, here is a link to it.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NG1l2B4Tfsw  

The recorded talk is about the 40-week course Diane will start teaching in September called: Sacred Creative Arts – 5 Steps to Awakening. Here is a little more about the upcoming course starting this September and running through June. 



What is the most fascinating thing on earth?

Answer: Your own being.

Do you long to know yourself on a deeper level? You are not a body with a soul. You are soul with a body. Awaken to your true spiritual nature as the creator of your own life.  It is why you are here: your life is your biggest creative project, and you can do it consciously or unconsciously. Discover how to use your inner powers and abilities to build a life that is in alignment with who you truly are within your soul.

With the rise of AI in our midst – logical analysis and problem solving will be taken over largely by computers.  However, there are three things they cannot do according to Deepak Chopra.  These are:

  • CREATIVITY – having an imagination and putting it into use.
  • SENTIENCE – having an inner subjective world.
  • TRANSCENDENCE – having the ability to go beyond the physical to the spiritual.

This Sacred Creative Arts course centres on building these three areas.  Everyone has a unique way to access their creativity, sentience, and transcendence.  If you have never explored these abilities or you want to look more deeply into your inner world to gain confidence around your purpose and the direction of your life – this course is for you.  It will take you on a personal journey from awareness of self to aligned action with the divine.  Diane and 10 other expert teachers will cover areas such as Human Design, Ancestral Clearing and A Course in Miracles.  Each week will introduce a new area of exploration and personal growth that will work FROM THE OUTSIDE IN and THE INSIDE OUT.  


  1. Awareness of Self – Are you conscious or unconscious of how you create your life?
  2. Acknowledge the ways spirit works from the outside in – including signs, symbols, colours, dreams.
  3. Accept who you are from the inside out – use all your clairs – your inner senses so you can move through the world confidently.
  4. Ask for divine assistance – We live in a free will zone, to work with the power of the universe, you must open up and ask.
  5. Aligned Action – get in alignment with divine energy to create the life you most desire.


The classes will meet starting September 11th on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  Tuesdays will be a teaching session 9:30 – 11 am PST. Wednesdays will be a discussion and exercise period from 9:30 to 10:30 am PST. As part of the course, students will get a membership to Miracles and Wonders website where they can take advantage of A Course in Miracles study groups, the FUN-damentals of ACIM parts I and parts II – plus the C.R.E.A.T.O.R course.


To learn more BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL with Diane: 778-279-8401 or  email: diane@creativewonders.ca.  

About Miracles & Wonders

Miracles & Wonders is an online spiritual community designed to guide, inspire, and awaken you to your own inner authentic spirit. We believe miracles, wonders and signs are natural and when you are not experiencing them something is blocked. Our many online offerings help you learn to align with the love that binds the universe.