Introduction Episode With Reverend Diane C. Lund

Why I Choose Miracles And Wonders As The Name For This Podcast?

I Choose The Word Miracles because I have been studying the A Course in Miracles for 30 years.  I have offered study groups in my home for 25 years

  • I became a minister specialized in A Course in Miracles in 2018.
  • June of 2020, I published my best-selling book
  • Turn Your World Upside Down To Get Your Life Right Side Up: Reverse Thinking Based on A Course in Miracles. Book I: Life’s Big Questions, Relationships, Work and Money
  • November 2021, I published Book II focused on Health, Conflict, Fear and Happiness.

I Choose The Word Wonders because thirty years ago I started my company Creative Wonders Communications. Working as a Creative Director for ad agencies and then for my own company, I worked my way up the ranks as a writer and broadcast producer. Over the decades I have written and produced traditional and digital media for 1000’s of clients. I called my business Creative Wonders because I deeply value the sense of wonder. I think we all had it as a child. Catching a ladybug, running, and splashing through puddles, rolling down grassy hills and laying on your back upside down so you can see the world anew. I think as adults we all too often forget this sense of wonder. We forget to marvel and wonder at the world and to lie back and look at things from new perspectives.

This Miracles and Wonders Podcast is devoted to helping you see the world from a totally different perspective – a perspective that is proven to bring more joy and happiness.

This Introduction to the Miracles and Wonders Podcast Is Really the Story Behind The Mike.

● How Did I Get Interested in A Course in Miracles?
● What Were My Stumbling Blocks?
● How Has the Course Changed My Life?
● And How Can It Change Yours?