Episode Three With Joanne Damant-Brooks


Typical Thinking: I want to control my healing.
The Miracle Mindset: I need to surrender control to heal.

For anyone experiencing chronic or debilitating pain, Joanne Damant-Brooks story offers hope as she describes that Miracle Mindset that shifted her 5-year battle with chronic electrical pain that went over 24 hours, 7 days a week. Her journey to healing involved years of outside modalities – chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, prolotherapy, reflexology, spinal block injections, referrals for surgery, extensive reading on changing how the brain receives pain. Finally, it was a change in thinking that changed her life and her pain.


Joanne was born in Port Elizabeth, South Africa and lived there for the first eight years of her life. After immigrating to Canada in 1975, she and her family landed in Sudbury, Ontario in the middle of a snowstorm at -50 °C! Immediately deciding that this was beyond cold, they relocated to Victoria, British Columbia where it was above freezing and there was no snow.

Joanne attended an all-girl’s private school, community college and private college as well as the University of Victoria where she met her husband, Steve. They now have two boys who are grown.

Joanne has worked in data entry for an engineering company, an office manager for an art gallery, an office manager for a video and film production company and a customer service representative for an insurance company. She is now looking at the world of voice-over acting.

Joanne is an avid reader and belongs to two book study groups. She loves the field of personal growth. Before her injury, Joanne loved skiing, water skiing, running, hiking, motorcycling and “Make a Difference” vacations. Today, gentle walking and modified yoga are where it’s at.