Episode Six with Joyce Bauer

Everlasting Friendship

Typical Thinking: My friend is dead and gone.
The Miracle Mindset: My friend and I are connected beyond death.


Joyce Taylor-Bauer started her 35-year career in media/advertising when men dominated the industry. She cut her hair short and dressed androgynously, getting glasses before she really needed them. She graduated with a Business/Advertising diploma from St. Clair College in small town Windsor Ontario. She didn’t take typing because she wanted to have a secretary, not be a secretary. Through the years she learned to navigate through this male dominated industry eventually running her own advertising agency, specializing in media planning, and buying. She recently retired as President of Think Mint Media, which she founded and ran for 25 years. She employed and mentored many people, that now hold prominent positions.

Now retired Joyce focuses on her family and their real estate holdings. She is rediscovering her creative side and enjoying splitting her time between North Vancouver and Salt Spring Island.