My Miracle In France – Reverend Diane C. Lund

Typical Thinking: Miracles are rare and difficult.
The Miracle Mindset: Miracles are natural and are everyone’s right.

Are miracles just for the religious and spiritual? Can everyone experience miracles in their lives? A Course in Miracles (ACIM) clearly states that miracles are natural. When they do not occur, something has gone wrong. In this first episode Reverend Diane Lund describes how what she thought was far too difficult and impossible occurred in France when she let go of her “limited perspective” and had faith in “unlimited possibility”.

Reverend Diane C. Lund

Diane Lund has always had two loves in her life: being a creative writer/producer and studying spirituality. Working as a Creative Director in her company Creative Wonders Communications, Diane has written and produced for corporate clients for over 30 years. (You can see her portfolio: Finally, she decided it was time to write and produce the spiritual books and creative projects that were renting space in her head. Right alongside her creative passion, Diane has been leading Course in Miracle study groups in her home for decades. In 2018, she became a Reverend specialized in A Course in Miracles through the Canadian International Metaphysical Ministries (CIMM). Her two #1 Amazon bestselling books focus on looking at life from a different perspective – a point of view that is often 180 degrees or completely reversed from conventional western thought. In addition, Diane currently offers eight decks of colourful inspirational cards, has recorded over 150 Monday Miracle Moment videos, offers online study groups, free course in miracles downloads and six online courses. Each course focuses on one of the six areas highlighted in her first two books. Check it all out on her website.

This Miracles and Wonders Podcast is devoted to helping you see the world from a totally different perspective – a perspective that is proven to bring more joy and happiness.

This Introduction to the Miracles and Wonders Podcast Is Really the Story Behind The Mike.

● How Did I Get Interested in A Course in Miracles?
● What Were My Stumbling Blocks?
● How Has the Course Changed My Life?
● And How Can It Change Yours?