Episode Four With Laurel Favel

Awakening To The Eternity Of Love

Typical Thinking: The exchange of love dies when a person dies.
The Miracle Mindset: The exchange of love is eternal.

Many people believe that a loving relationship ceases when a person passes on. However, in a miracle mindset, love is an eternal communication. For Laurel Favel in her story Awakening to the Eternity of love, the most precious person in her world had to die for her to experience the magnificence of the spiritual world that exists all around us.


My life has been hectic, and I have faced my own challenges and loss. My north star has always been my total belief that I can overcome and be more than I am. It has seen me through a diagnosis where I was told there was no successful treatment and sustained me after my soul mate’s passing.

My policy career has been involved in supporting Indigenous peoples to improve their health services, but more and more, I have been drawn to art. Art and the creative process is now a major part of my evolution as a spiritual being, where beauty abounds and transformation beckons.

Art is my freedom from the fears and constraints of this world; I dive into another world where my limitations are only those I acknowledge. Art pushes me to be the best I can be. Nature shares an infinite palette of the most amazing colours and form, and it is my journey to translate them into a visual voice that reflects my life experiences. My brush becomes my expression for that which is seen and unseen.