Episode Eleven With Margot Ware

My Loss Became My Love

Typical Thinking: Death brings loss, fear, and heartache.
The Miracle Mindset: Death brings opportunity, hope, and love.

Margot story shares how she went from a place of despair and fear into a life filled with hope and love by the choices she made when she was at her lowest point. After the death of closed family members, Margot was questioning her life path and want to do with her life. A series of special events had her turning her losses in to a lifelong path of service to others and her community. She hopes people facing what may seem like insurmountable loss can learn that changing your thinking truly does change your life in unmeasurable ways.

Margot Ware Rn, Bscn, Gnc(C)

Margot Ware is the present director/owner of Shylo Home HealthCare. She initially joined the company as a Companion in 1986. Impressed by Betty and Linda’s home nursing and palliative care of her terminally ill mother, and later her aged grandfather, she stumbled into her vocation through their wonderful example. She started her educational journey towards a Registered Nursing degree while continuing to work as a Home Healthcare Aide at Shylo. Ten years later, when Betty and Linda were ready to retire, Margot took over the company that she’d grown to love.
Not only has Margot been fortunate enough to spend her career giving back to the citizens of her community, but she has also been privileged enough to meet many amazing seniors along the way and hear their wonderful stories.