Episode Eight With Julie Ann

A Lifetime Of Purpose In Three Short Years

Typical Thinking: We are human beings – a body with a spirit.
The Miracle Mindset: We are spiritual beings – a spirit with a body.

The sudden death of her fiancé in 2021, left publisher Julie Salisbury face to face with the reality of the death of a loved one. Deep in grief, she struggled for a way to understanding the passing of the love of her life. Friends and family were having experiences with her fiancé after death that were opening Julie up to the possibility that we are more than our bodies – more than human beings. We are spiritual beings have a human experience.



Julie Ann is the author of Around the World in Seven Years—A Life Changing Journey as well as the founder of Influence Publishing and Inspire A Book coaching. She specializes in helping authors to write and publish their books as a strategy to fully live out their purpose. Julie is more than a publisher—she draws on her product marketing career of over twenty years. Julie is a sought-after professional speaker and won the 62nd Golden Gavel Speech Competition in 2008 as well as many other regional and national Toastmaster speaking awards. She has been the keynote at many conferences, and her 2017 TEDx titled “The Gift of Dyslexia” and has had more than 40,000 views. Julie was recognized with the prestigious Woman of WorthSpirit, Success and Soul” and “Unlimited Woman of Creativity awards in 2013.