Episode 2 With Lynn Sumida

Lynn Sumida: There Isn’t A Problem Unless You Make One

Typical Thinking: I feel I can be unfairly treated.
The Miracle Mindset: I am responsible for what I feel.

In this podcast, Lynn Sumida, counsellor, social worker and facilitator for Miruspoint talks about dealing with her mother who had Alzheimer in the last years of her life. Lynn found herself running out of patience with her mom during their visits and she truly wanted to change that experience. How did she accomplish this? Lynn talks about the incredible miracle mindset change she had around her mother that allowed them both to enjoy more fully the last years of her life. She has a three-step process that really could help anyone wanting more peaceful relationships with their loved ones.


Lynn is one of those lucky people who knew early in life she wanted to work with people. She began traditionally, getting a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Toronto, then obtained the real “tools of her trade”, becoming a Senior Faculty for the William Glasser International, training in the Satir Model of Family Therapy and becoming a Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Lynn is an outstanding teacher and trainer, travelling and working globally. She has experience in the fields of health, education, mental health, and business and opened her first private practice firm in 1981. She specialized in treating trauma and abuse, searching for ways to heal those deep wounds. Lynn considers her own development critical, holding the belief you need to “walk your talk”. This opened her to a deep connection with her intuition, spiritual nature and what it means to be in flow with life. As President of Miruspoint Facilitators Inc. and Co-founder of Our World Transformed, Lynn can do all she loves – work with clients, train dedicated professionals, and help build a community of people who passionately champion creating a world that serves and values everyone.

She co-authored:

The Extraordinary Within: Welcoming Change and Unlocking Our True Essence.
And contributed to the bestselling book:

The Thought that Changed My Life Forever.
Lynn lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Lynn Sumida, MSW RSW
miruspoint Facilitators Inc.