Build A Spiritual Foundation And Be A Miracle Worker

Are you wondering life’s big “WHY” questions.

  • Why am I NOT fulfilled?
  • Why did my relationship fail?
  • Why am I not happy in my job?
  • Am I achieving my life’s purpose?

These outer questions can only be answered by looking within to…

In this 11-week intensive we will focus on the following.

  • What is conscious and unconscious creativity?
  • How do we create our lives?
  • How do we create on purpose?
  • Create your WHY statement for your life.
  • Understand where you are in balance and where you need help.
  • Uncover your personal self-sabotage methods.
  • Identify your top 3 inner values.
  • Learn how to make decisions that work for your higher good.
  • The two voices – the ego and your Divine Inner Guidance: How can you hear both? What gets in the way?
  • How do we change when we are used to doing things a certain way?
  • Signs: The universal language of spirit. How to ask for signs.
  • Miracles – what are they? The 50 principles

Join us and create the spiritual foundation that will transform your outer life by defining your inner life!

Build A Spiritual Foundation for Your Life & Become a Miracle Worker!

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Non-Members: $5,000.00

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